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Your daughters dance recital is tonight and she’s been practicing and begging for you to come see it after work for weeks. You finish up work and head out to your car and then you start your car up and realize that you forgot something in your office. Without thinking and trying to rush to make it on time, you slam the door without thinking running back into the office but locking the doors in the process.  Put yourself in the mindset for a moment if you will. You try to get into a vehicle you own and realize, your keys are in the car but you can’t enter your own vehicle. What do you do? Your first reaction will more than likely to be panic or act franticly. You need someone you can rely on and someone in the community you know can be there for you, you need a Pleasant Hill residential locksmith with years of experience who understands your situation and can be there in a timely manner.

Some people’s first reactions to experiencing a lockout are to take their car to a dealership and this is a very terrible idea. If you have ever taken anything to a dealership before then you know exactly what we’re talking about but seeing how a dealership is run, is the exact opposite of how we want to run our company. We pride ourselves on valuing customers and making our services affordable for all customers. Dealerships have been known to simply forget about your vehicle and let it sit in the parking lot without even looking at it, despite unlocking a car being a quick couple of minute fix.

Here at Bay Locksmith Kings, we have many years of experience dealing with all kinds of locks. Every situation and encounter is unique and we fully understand that which is why we employee the brightest and the best in the industry to give you an affordable and quick professional service. You shouldn’t need to look any further when looking for a Pleasant Hill residential locksmith because not only can we blast away our competitors with the best professionals in the area, but we offer the best pricing as well.